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Manuscript Preparation Information

This year again, the ASC 2008 will be accepting manuscripts electronically only. Authors must read the information below carefully.

The submission site is now available. Click here.

All manuscripts will be uploaded to the ASC 2008 manuscript submission site (further information will be available at a later date). Authors will need to comply with the following process:

  • Only the Full Conference Registration Fee includes one complimentary manuscript submission. During the submission process, a registered full conference participants first/last name and email address must be provided. This full conference participant must be a co-author on the submitted manuscript.
  • For additional papers, authors must pay the additional paper fee of US $440.
  • Prepare manuscripts using the conference template.

Click here to download the word template in US format.

  • The page limit is 4 pages for contributed papers (5 if needed for proper referencing), 6 pages for invited papers and 12 pages for plenary papers. The additional page fee is $110 per page.
  • Upload the file(s) to the ASC 2008 manuscript submission website providing a full conference participants first/last name and email address.
  • Check the PDF conversion of the manuscript for accuracy.
  • Present the paper at the ASC 2008, whether oral or poster. Manuscripts which do not have a corresponding ASC 2008 presentation will not be reviewed for possible publication in the IEEE Transaction on Applied Superconductivity.
  • After the conference, respond to reviews by revising the manuscript and uploading the revision in a timely fashion. Note: Because review will be through PDF, reviewers cannot be expected to provide extensive suggestions on English or grammar. Manuscripts not written in proper English are very likely to be rejected.
  • Additional paper and page fees must be paid for during the conference in the publication room.

Manuscript Preparation
The papers for ASC 2008 must be prepared in accordance to the standards set forth in the paper preparation instructions. The paper will be prepared in the standard IEEE two column format with the figures and tables inserted in the correct position within the paper. Contributed papers have a 4-page limit (5 if needed for proper referencing); invited oral and poster papers have a 6-page limit. Plenary papers can be of any length up to 12 pages. Papers with over the allotted number of pages will be allowed, but a page charge of $110 per page will be charged for pages exceeding the allotted number of pages.

Authors may submit the original source files or a pdf file to the ASC 2008 submission site for conversion to PDF. The PDFs used in peer review must adhere to a certain set of specifications. The goal is achieved quickly and easily with the centralized file conversion system. Additional information in regards to the submission site will be provided at a later date.

Additional Information:

  • Prepare your manuscript according to the instructions found in the IEEE Template below. DO NOT USE OTHER TEMPLATES TO PREPARE YOUR ASC 2008 MANUSCRIPT.
  • Word 2007 and the new Word docx format should not be used. Docx files will currently cause problems for existing preproduction and production routines. If Word 2007 is unavoidable, back-save to the doc format. However, please note that you must use MathType or the Equation Editor 3.0 and not the more easily accessible, Microsoft Math Editor. When equations built with Microsoft?s Editor are back-saved, they are converted to low resolution graphics and will not be usable. To use MathType or the old Equation Editor 3.0, you will need to: Select Object on the Text section of the Insert tab Select MathType/Equation Editor in the drop-down menu.
  • LaTex Users: Unfortunately, we do not have a template available. Please follow the guidelines described in the sample template. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Biographies are not allowed for ASC 2008 because of the paper length restrictions.
  • Important: A DVI (Device Independent file) is required for LaTeX submissions, in addition to all associated TeX, style, class, macro, and image files. Make sure that your LaTeX system can output a DVI, otherwise it cannot be accepted and converted.
  • Reference the Preparation Guidelines (PDF Format) which also explains why a paper would be rejected.
  • Please also reference the following in preparation of your manuscript: Author Responsibilities (PDF Format). Note: Separate files of the figures and tables are not required.
  • Additional Paper Fee: US $440; additional page fee: US $110.

Authors who have pre-registered are urged to submit their manuscripts before they leave their home institute. Authors who register at the conference must submit their papers electronically after they have registered. Submission of the paper before the conference means that the author does not have to stand in line in the publication room or wait for a computer in the publication room to submit his/her paper. The papers must be submitted electronically no later than Tuesday, August 26, 2008, midnight, EST. This deadline is final! Papers will not be accepted after Tuesday, August 26.

Each paper must be submitted with a Full Conference Participant's first/last name and email address. A full conference participant's name/email must only be used once unless an additional paper has been paid for.

Authors presenting papers at ASC 2008 are not required to submit a manuscript.
Only papers presented at the ASC 2008 will be considered for publication of the special edition of IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity containing selected ASC 2008 papers. Authors are strongly urged to prepare their manuscripts using the downloadable template. Authors are reminded that presentation of his or her paper at the conference does not guarantee that his or her manuscript will be published in IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity. Only papers that meet the standards of the journal will be published in the special issue of IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity.

Review and Acceptance

ASC 2008 papers will be reviewed via the web. This means that the reviewers will not be able to completely rewrite an author's paper into proper English. Papers not written in proper English are likely to be rejected. Once the review process has been completed, the authors will be notified to review the reviewers and editors comments and make the required corrections to their paper. A final version of the manuscript will be uploaded and must be submitted in its source file (not pdf).


For questions, please contact:

Annett D'Antonio
Centennial Conferences
Email: asc@centennialconferences.com

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