The IEEE Council on Superconductivity Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions in the Field of Applied Superconductivity


Basis of Judging
The Award, which can be presented during the Applied Superconductivity Conference or an alternative applied superconductivity conference associated with the IEEE Council on Superconductivity, will recognize individuals for contributions in the field of applied superconductivity over a period of time (nominally more than twenty years) based on novel and innovative concepts proposed by the individual, the authorship or co-authorship of a number of publications of major significance to the field of applied superconductivity and the presentation of a number of invited and plenary talks at major national and international conferences and meetings in applied superconductivity, including the Applied Superconductivity Conference.  


Awardees will receive, during a ceremony at an applied superconductivity conference, a plaque, an inscribed niobium medallion and a cash award of at least U.S. $5,000.


Previous Recipients

Dr. Fernand D. Bedard,  Prof. Alex I. Braginski,  Prof. John Clarke,  Dr. Shinya Hasuo, Prof. Hisao Hayakawa,  Prof. Konstantin K. Likharev,  Dr. Martin Nisenoff,  Prof. Paul L. Richards, Dr. Arnold H. Silver and Prof. Theodore van Duzer

Prof. Archie MacRobert Campbell,  Dr. Jack W. Ekin,  the late Prof. Jan Evetts,  Prof. René Flükiger,  Prof. Herbert C. Freyhardt,  Dr. Eric Gregory,  Prof. David Larbalestier,  Dr. Alexis P. Malozemoff,  Prof. John M. Rowell,  Dr. Ronald M. Scanlan,  the late Dr. Masaki Suenaga,  Prof. Kyoji Tachikawa and Dr. James Wong

Large Scale:
Mr. Henri Desportes, the late Prof. Hiromi Hirabayashi, Prof. Yukikazu Iwasa, Prof. Dr. Peter Komarek,  Mr. Daniel F. Leroy,  Prof. Alfred D. McInturff,  Dr. D. Bruce Montgomery,  Prof. Romeo Perin,  the late Dr. John Purcell, Prof. Lucio Rossi, Dr. William B. Sampson, the late Dr. Z. John Stekly, Dr. Alvin Tollestrup, Dr. Bernard Turck, Dr. Martin N. Wilson and Dr. Akira Yamamoto 


    The 2012 Award Recipients


Clark Hamilton

John R. Clem
Michael A. Green
Large Scale


Nomination Procedure
Nominations of candidates for The IEEE Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions in the Field of Applied Superconductivity can be made by submitting a nomination letter to the Chair of the Awards Committee.  This informal letter, prepared on letterhead paper (either organizational or personal), should be about one page in length (two pages maximum), and must contain the prospective candidate’s name, e-mail address and other contact information, his/her academic background, a brief summary of his/her past and current professional affiliations and a list of the at least three significant scientific, technological or management accomplishments relevant to the particular award for which the candidate has been proposed.  The nomination must be endorsed by at least ten (10) colleagues familiar with the professional activities of the candidate.  The endorsements can be made either by co-signing the original nomination letter or by sending separate letter(s), to which the original nomination letter must be attached, with signature(s) of additional endorser(s).  The nomination and endorsement letters may be submitted either by land mail or as PDF attachment to an e-mail message.  It is required that all such letters be personally signed by the individuals either making the nomination or endorsing the nomination.


The nomination letter and the letters of endorsement must be received by the Chair of the Awards Committee no later than 11:59 PM (CST) on February 28 of the year in which the Award, if selected, might be made. 


The letter of nomination and the letters of endorsement should be sent to the Chair of the Awards Committee (at the asddress shown below).  Additional information about the IEEE Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions in the Field of Applied Superconductivity can be obtained by contacting the Chair of the Awards Committee.


Dr. Martin Nisenoff
Chair, Awards Committee
1201 Yale Place,  Apt. #1004
Minneapolis MN 55403-1958 USA