Decorator Information & Exhibit Service Kit


Global Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES) is the official decorator for ASC 2012 and will provide the official exhibit service kit for the exhibit.  The exhibit service kit will contain all necessary information required for ordering services from GES, Inc., and all other selected ancillary suppliers.  Also included are any management materials such as event rules, information bulletins, etc.  

GES is the only authorized decorator. Using an outside vendor is at Exhibitors risk and the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

Service Kit –
can be accessed here.

Special Requests
Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Nitrous oxide tanks are allowed on the event floor with prior approval by the Fire Marshal.  OSHA requires that all containers be properly labeled and display appropriate warnings.  Tanks must be firmly secured in the upright position with valves protected against damage.  Nitrous oxide and Oxygen tanks over 250 cubic feet are prohibited.  Oxidizing gases (Oxygen or Nitrous oxide) in amounts in excess of 503 cubic feet may only be used in public assembly area under permit for Hazardous Materials.  Exhibitors displaying or using hazardous materials must submit Material Safety Data Sheets to GES at least two months prior to move-in.  Any container not clearly labeled will be removed from within the Oregon Convention Center, tested and disposed of at exhibitor’s expense.


All special requests should be directed to GES PRIOR to submitting the Exhibit Application & Contract Agreement and full payment.  Special requests could be, but are not limited to, needs for cooling water and drains, electrical requirements to accommodate the use of a compressor, chemical mixtures and liquid hydrogen. 

If your request can be accommodated and is approved, you will receive confirmation from GES by email.  Please complete the Special Needs section on the Exhibit Application & Contract Agreement and attach the confirmation received from GES.